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Wilderness Calls Camp Rules  

                       Wilderness Calls :  Camp Rules

     Every organization has camp rules and regulations in order to prevent anarchy and Wilderness Calls is no exception.  If there is a hunting camp or nature camp, there will be camp rules, to help keep harmony and order.

  When we were forming Wilderness Calls a few basic camp rules were formed to assist us in having a peaceful and relaxing time here.  We will list our few simple rules, their origin, why they were adopted and the consequences to anyone who violates them.

Camp Rule one is simple:  NO complaining about the cooking! This rule was formed first, because as we all know, food is one of the most important parts of a camp.  We installed this camp rule to assist anyone brave enough to cook.  The penalty is simple, if you complain about the cooking, you wash dishes.  This might seem like a small penalty but the dish washing is done outside with a water hose.  This rules have been broken three times, but trust me, the three that broke it will not ever do it again!  Not even when the grits and eggs come out lumpy or runny.

(Camp rules two and three were established early in the development of Wilderness Calls, being as we believe in conservation, camp rules had to be put in place to assist this effort.)

Camp Rule two:  If you shoot a buck, you mount the horns.  This rule prevents smaller bucks from being harvested. The exception is if you have never killed a buck.  The penalty is simple, you break the rule, you do not come back. 

Camp Rule three:  If you harvest it you consume it.   Here again this prevents the wasteful harvesting of animals.  The penalty is the same as rule two, you break the rule, you do not come back.

Camp Rule four:  No deer can be harvested from the cabin. This was put in to protect the deer that venture near our camp. This is a safe zone for the deer.  We also enjoy the beauty of our wildlife.  The penalty is the same as rule two and three.

Camp Rule five: NO consuming of alcohol while hunting. No! Not even one beer! This is a safety rule! Two campers have almost broken this rule, but decided to pour the beer out when they realized their mistake! Penalty is simple, if you drink,  you DO NOT hunt!

Camp Rule six: Sheba's cook breakfast. This camp rule was installed when we turned Wilderness Calls into a place where the ladies would feel comfortable.  We do not expect them to do manual labor to contribute so we decided to let them cook breakfast. You might see how rule one would assist them if maybe the grits and eggs comes out lumpy or runny.

Camp Rule seven: Never blow the car horn during hunting season. This is a rule added as a precaution. This is the international sign "Game Warden on property". You can see how this could be worrisome!  Penalty is the extreme ragging you will receive if you break it.

Camp Rule eight: Crapper house is pretty. This was another rule installed as Wilderness Calls grew into the paradise it is today.  Our state of the art, gorgeous, wonderful bath facility is a work of art.  If one does not think so, they get to use the woods for showers and the other stuff a bathroom is used for.  It is amazing, out of all the people that have visited Wilderness Calls, this camp rule has never been broken!

 These are the eight basic camp rules at Wilderness Calls, more may be added in the future.

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