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Our Mission Statement:

Creating an environment that supports conservation and true sportsmanship.
1. Establish wildlife management
2. Hunting directed to total enjoyment of the sport.
3. Tree farming and preservation of our natural forest

Also Known as The Wise Old Redneck Guru

A letter from Nature Calls CEO:
Welcome to Wilderness Calls. I am Sam and I would like to tell you a little about why Wilderness Calls exists.
I was born and raised on the muddy banks of the Suwannee River in northern Florida.  At that time the woods I caroused through as a child were wild and natural.  The peace and quiet of life back then sure does not exist in today's world.  As the years have passed many gallons of water has flown down that river and a lot of change in life with it.  My life has traveled along like the river as well; hitting rough areas every now and then just like everybody else.  I left the life in the country and went to the city but I always have yearned for that peace, quiet and natural surroundings.  It has always called out to me.  Just like when a buck or turkey calls out in nature.
James and myself became acquainted quite a few years ago and discovered that we not only enjoyed hunting, but each of us had a vested interest in conservation of wildlife and appreciation of nature.  We both talked of creating such a place.  So that is how Wilderness Calls came to be.  We began building everything with our own hands and a lot of help from family and friends.  That is what it is about for us. Everyone together, achieveing a common goal. We created our slice of heaven!  James and I had over fifty years’ experience between the two of us in serving the public and hunting as well.  He is also a successful farmer with his own family farm. Just like the water running down the river, so did our paths separate?  James moved onto other ventures and left Wilderness Calls to me.
I can enjoy sitting in the woods listening to nature or observing a squirrel scurrying about in a search for food.  There is a hilly area on the property where one can look down upon the beauty of the stream and nature.  It is breath taking scenery.  Lastly, there is hunting.  The thrill and adrenalin that flows when that large, mature buck steps out in your view.  There is nothing like it!  Even after thirty plus years of hunting, I still get that thrill when an opportunity comes into the field to harvest that buck. 
Then the Double “D” gravity deer feeder was born, to feed the graceful white tail deer on Wilderness Calls.  Later to control and eradicate Wild Hogs, the wild hog trap eliminator gate was created.

Sam Kight

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Supporting conservation and sportsmanship!

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Double  D  Gravity Deer Feeder and Wild Hog Trap Eliminator Gate
Redneck Guru's Quote of the Week

He who starts a camp fire with gasoline will become bald.

Redneck Guru and Conservationist

Founders of Wilderness Calls

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