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Double D gravity deer feeder, testimonial page 



When the Double "D" (Deer Dinner)  gravity deer feeder was born, the whitetail deer herd at Wilderness Calls flourished and multiplied.   Hundreds of pictures of deer were obtained with the game camera and then the Wise Old Redneck Guru decided to share this great gravity deer feeder with other hunters and deer management programs.  The Guru can tell you how great this feeder works, but I have learned that the best testimonial is by the deer themselves.  This page will be totally dedicated to the whitetail deer that enjoys the Double "D" gravity deer feeder.  All the pictures and testimonials on this page will be from individuals that have obtained a Double "D" gravity deer feeder and forwarded their success to the Wise Old Redneck Guru.

Robie Lowe tells how much he enjoys the Double "D" big buck feeder when I delivered him another one.


The Guru was recieved these pictures by Mark Shirey and all he had to say was THANK YOU!!!!


Fred Arnold stated,  "Your feeders have brought more bucks  as well as bigger to property then ever!"

Mr. Arnold used the Double "D" gravity deer feeders in Florida and shared these pictures to worm the heart of the Wise Old Redneck Guru.


Hi Sam


Here are two pictures of a great buck that loved your feeder I purchased last year at the sportsman show. Best part is I ended up killing him. See you at the show.

Joel Batdorf  in Leesport Pa.   1/11/18

Just a few bucks in Talbot County GA, from Maurice V. Duvic.


Even deer in NC enjoy the Double "D" gravity deer feeder!!
Wanted to send you a few pictures of the feeder I bought from you last year at the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh.
Rick Bell

Sam, first off let me say it was a pleasure talking with you at the GON Outdoor Blast show earlier this year! We purchased two feeders from you four our 200 acres that we hunt in Walton County GA. an let me tell you what when we put the feed in these feeders it was like we set off a dinner bell, within two weeks of setting them out every deer we had eating off the ground was eating out of them!!! The best part is we are hardly getting any pictures of Raccoons anymore except for the ones that are pissed they can't get into the feeder!! I am attaching several photos of our bucks we watched all summer an we were already able to Harvest two of them. Thanks for everything an most of all thanks for the AMAZING feeders!!


Tyler Brown, feeders in Walton Co, Ga.

When Kenny Styles contacted the Guru he advised him that he had quit feeding his deer because of the coons he had raised with the feeders he had been using.  When Mr. Styles first met the Guru he was skeptical to say the least.  No way could any feeder keep out his coons; they were the most acrobatic coons in the world.  Mr. Styles did purchase nine of the Double “D” gravity deer feeders and now is a believer. The following pictures show what Mr. Styles was feeding and what he is feeding now.  The deer are happy but the coons are sad.

Kenny Styles
Ocala Florida

Note; Mr. Styles now ownes 11 Double "D" gravity deer feeders.

Before the Double "D" gravity deer feeders 
After the Double "D" gravity deer feeders was installed 

The Wise Old Redneck Guru received more evidence that the Extended Big Buck Double "D" gravity deer feeders are making the deer in the wilderness happy.  Danny Beyel stated "Thank You Sam love my new Double D feeders".  This was after he re ordered two more Double "D" gravity deer feeders, bringing his total to 8!  Mr. Beyel's property in central Ga.


Thanks to Chaillie Daniel of St. Franciesville La., we have more photo graphic evidence that the dominate bucks in another state enjoy the Gargantuan Buck Double "D" gravity deer feeders. On 1-20-14 Mr. Daniel said "I am ordering 4 more today".  LET the bucks do the talking.


Photo evidence that the Double “D” gravity deer feeders will work in areas where it SNOWS!!
Thanks to Mrs. Lorretta of Topeka Kansas we have a great picture of a small deer eating from a Gargantuan Double “D” gravity deer feeder in late December 2013. 

Snow and Double "D" gravity deer feeder

The following pictures were sent from Mr. Dale the Wilderness Calls Ar. Distributor.  The picture of two bucks was sent to the Wise Old Redneck Guru's cell phone from another satisfied Double "D" owner.

Jo has sent us another great video of a couple of bucks eating from the Extended Big Buck Double "D" gravity deer feeder in Ft. Gaines Ga.  Also he sent a picture of a 10 point he took over the feeder this bow season.

In the video above you will see the before video of the Ten Point buck that was taken in October 2013 by Tonya Raffield, on the left. Jo Raffield on the right had taken his 8 point a few weeks early.  Two rack bucks taken while using the Extended Big Buck, Double "D" gravity deer feeders.  The Guru could not be prouder!!!!!

Guru....pleasantly surprised mature bucks using the feeders right away!!  Already more mature bucks in three months with maintenance free Double D then two years with electronic spin cast.
Thanks Bill D.


Bill D.

The picture of the dog in the feeder is a first, they must be hungry in Kentucky. Guru

The Wise Old Redneck Guru continues to be amazed at how the Double "D" gravity deer feeders are working for other people.  Below is the latest testimonial by a Gargantuan Buck, video eating with a few of his lady friends.  Update, Mr. Haliburton has purchased three more Gargantuan Buck and two Extended Big Buck gravity deer feeders.  Delivered to him mid March, 2013.  This wormed the heart of the Wise Old Redneck Guru, to see how the feeders are working.

"I bought this feeder to stop varmints (groundhog, coon, Squirrel and crows) from destroying feed.

This feeder will pay for itself on feed savings. I love it and will buy more.

Richard Haliburton

Video below


The Guru's heart is wormed with this new testimonal!!!!


Great feeder,
Not only do the deer love the Double D feeder, but the bear on my property have not destroyed them as they have done to every other feeder I have owned. Durable and user friendly great feeder looking forward to buying more for property in Alabama.

Arthur Lawson
Gretna, La



Update!! at the end of April 2013, Mr. Lawson obtained another Big Buck Double "D" gravity deer feeder.  He now owns five of the Double "D" gravity deer feeders.  Oh ya he has bears!

Two eight point bucks eating at the same time in the Extended Double "D" Big Buck gravity deer feeder.  Let the deer TESTIFY!!!! took a few weeks but the deer are feeding nicely from the Double D's! Check how the deer feed from it but the no good pig just can't figure it out! Mission accomplished! I will be ordering more. Your fellow redneck in South Carolina!


Dimond Dave Ingle
Charleston South Carolina


Not to be out done by Jo, Eugene Raffield sent this picture and kind words to the Wise Old Redneck Guru.




Eugene Raffield


six rack bucks at the gargantian Double "D" gravity deer feeder

Three rack bucks at the Extended Big Buck, Double "D" gravity deer feeder.  Two of the bucks began to fight to get into the feeder.  Not too sure but I know where I will be hunting. 


Jo Raffield, of Port St. Jo is now a huge believer of the Extended Big Buck Double "D" gravity deer feeder.  Jo has increased his first order of two feeders to a whopping total of 15 between him and his family.  He decided to share the pictures of deer eating from the Extended Big Buck Double "D" gravity deer feeder and let the deer do the talking.

The feeders are located near Fort Gaines, Ga.



Mike Stanaland, the brother of Stanaland and son in Pelham Ga., who is a distributer of the Double "D" gravity deer feeders shares a picture of three bucks enjoying the Big Buck Double "D" gravity deer feeder.  This picture demonstrates that the bucks like the Double "D" painted or unpainted.


3 bucks at double d july 2012

Three bucks at the big buck Double "D" gravity deer feeder

Hey Guru,

Looks like there's a party going on in Wilkes County where all the
deer are hanging out. I overheard a buck talking about the "Double D
Diner", so I had to check it out myself.
Here's some recent trail cam pictures of a gentleman and a few ladies
enjoying dinner at the diner. Thanks for a great product!!

Mike Chance
Cumming, GA


The deer continue to testify on how good the Double "D" gravity deer feeders work.  Don Owens donated these pictures of deer eating out of the Original Double "D" gravity deer feeder.  Don is a bit shy when it comes to putting his feelings into words, however he is now (06-28-12) adding another big buck gravity deer feeder to his property, and this speaks greater than words.  Mr. Owens now has three of the Double "D" gravity deer feeders.


Two bucks eating high protein feed from the Double "D" Extended Big Buck gravity deer feeder.  Three weeks ago they did not have antlers.  The second video is one month later.  The two bucks are still growing and eating from the Extended Big Buck gravity deer feeder. 

5/27/12  and then 6/28/12

Goat Ridge Hunting Club Goes "GARGANTUAN" 

In early spring of 2012 the Wise Old Redneck Guru was contacted by Mr. Deavours (AKA; Coach) of the Goat Ridge Hunting Club in North Port Al. Mr. Deavours was inquiring as to how effective the Double "D" gravity deer feeders would be in their deer management program. The Goat Ridge Hunting Club was researching gravity deer feeders to assist their deer herd to grow and prosper. The Wise Old Redneck Guru advised Coach how they would be able to use a high protein feed in the Double "D" gravity deer feeders and not worry about other critters consuming the feed. After conversing for several minutes, the feeder that Coach was most interested in was clear, The Gargantuan Buck!! The Gargantuan Buck gravity deer feeder with the 18 inch opening in the front caught Coach's attention. The conversation ended with Coach stating he would get back with me in the near future.

The Wise Old Redneck Guru had just about given up on hearing from Coach, when the Guru's phone rang in early May of 2012. Coach's better half, Cheryl Deavours, was on the other end ready to order some Double "D" gravity deer feeders. By the end of the conversation she had ordered 12 of the Gargantuan Buck gravity deer feeders, warming the heart of the Wise Old Redneck Guru tremendously. This would allow the Goat Ridge Hunting Club the opportunity to feed up to three tons of high protein feed at one loading of the feeders.

The Wilderness Calls' crew arrived at the residence of the Deavours's on May 21, 2012 with the 12 Gargantuan Buck gravity deer feeders and were met with open arms by Coach and his lovely wife, who by the way is a tremendous cook, as we soon learned! A few hours later we departed with an empty trailer and a full belly.

    Video taken in May 2012 demonstrating how four deer, two bucks and two does were eating out of the Big Buck Double "D" gravity deer feeder at the same time.  They consumed approximately 100 pounds of feed in one month.  This gravity deer feeder has a load capacity of three hundred pounds. 

On Sun May 13 8:49 , 'Hugh Gramling' sent:


Here you go. I bought a 300# feeder last year.  I have had a trail camera on this feeder for a year and have literally tens of thousands of pictures and NEVER have seen a coon or hog eating. They are in pictures but never eating.  Works great, only thing I have seen eating is deer. Love it.



GA Lodge

Video evidence that the feed stealing coon will try, try, and try again to enter the Double "D" Extended Big Buck gravity deer feeder.  Even after cutting it's little paw, he tries two more times with no success.  Looks like the Wise Old Redneck Guru has out smarted even the dreaded COON.

"Your feeder doing its job while I can't be there."  On Tuesday 2/1/12 Ned purchased an Extended Big Buck gravity deer feeder to add to his Double D Original gravity deer feeder. The version in the pictures are of the older model of the Original Double "D" gravity deer feeder.


Ned McAfrry

Lake Village Ar.



A young 7 point buck at Wilderness Calls is eating out of the extended, Big Buck Double "D" gravity deer feeder.  This young buck will continue to grow and develop by consuming the high protein deer feed in the Extended Big Buck gravity deer feeder. 


     Mr. Curls did not send pictures of deer eating out of his Big Buck gravity deer feeders, but he did share his three large bucks that he harvested this year.  You can click here to see the three bucks that averaged over 190 pounds.  When I asked Mr. Curls what he contributed this years success to he stated, "Our rut is the best it has ever been and I am so glad I met you in Lakeland, Florida this year.  The four feeders you sold me have increased our deer population and the does are healthier, causing them to be in heat strong and this has increased our rut.  I am not feeding coons, hogs and other animals with these feeders.  The deer are staying in the area and consuming the high protein feed from the feeders.  I want two more of the Big Buck feeders as soon as you can get them to me."


     When the Wise Old Redneck Guru developed that Double "D" gravity deer feeder, he did not take into consideration the dreaded BEAR.  No bears have ever been photographed at Wilderness Call. As the Redneck Guru traveled from town to town this past summer, he kept hearing how the dreaded BEAR would rip the Double "D" to pieces. 

     In August 2011, Kenneth (Ken) Cain contacted Wilderness Calls and inquired about obtaining a Double "D" gravity deer feeder.  In the conversation I learned that Ken was going to be placing the Double "D" in woods where the dreaded Bear called home.  I advised Ken that we had eliminated wild hogs and coons from eating out of the Double "D" but had not tested it against the dreaded Bear.  After I advised Ken that I would re enforce the Double "D", he agreed to purchases a Big Buck, Double "D" gravity deer feeder and put it to the test.

     The Big Buck Double "D" gravity deer feeder was placed in the Miami Tract Hunt Club in Volusia County, Florida, on Labor Day weekend.  Ken then placed a trail camera on the feeder and the research began.  Ken then contacted me and advised me that the bear did visit the Big Buck gravity deer feeder, but did not tear it to pieces.  Ken has forwarded the pictures below of the dreaded BEAR and oh yeah two bucks at the feeder.  The bear did eat out of the feeder, but has not torn it to pieces.

     The research is ongoing and next we will attempt to find a feed that deer will consume and the dreaded BEAR does not like.  In the meantime the Wise Old Redneck Guru will continue to re enforce any feeder where the dreaded BEAR may live.



Annett our Central Ga. distributor donated these pictures of a couple of her young bucks eating out of the Original Double "D" gravity deer feeder.


One of the mature does at Wilderness Calls eating out of the Extended Big Buck Double "D" gravity deer feeder.


I have seen my feed consumption cut in half since I went to the Double D gravity deer feeders and plan to change all my feeders out in the near future.  I had deer eating out of the three Double D gravity deer feeders within a couple of days.  What I have not had eating out of them are hogs and coons.


Great Job Guru


Denis Almond

Eustis Florida

Feeder located in Randolph Co. Ga.



A wild boar hog shows how confusing it is for the pest to find the feed in a Double "D" gravity Deer Feeder.  He knows it is there but cannot find it.  


It only took about a week to get a picture of em eatin out of it. They went through about a 100 lbs of feed in 8 days.

Excellent design!  Thanks Guru!!! 

David Clyburn

Warner Robins, GA


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