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The dreaded Black Bear and the Double "D" gravity deer feeders 

    As the Wise Old Redneck Guru traveled from hunting trade show to hunting trade show in the past couple of years, he has been told that the DREADED BLACK BEAR would rip the Double “D” Gravity Deer Feeder to pieces.  Growing up on the Suwanee River in north Fla., he had never had to deal with the dreaded black bear.  Then when Wilderness Calls was formed, the dreaded black bear was not part of the landscape.  How would he approach this new problem when it cames to the Double “D” gravity deer feeders?  A few bold individuals took a chance on the feeder and were pleasantly surprised that the dreaded black bear did not tear their feeders to pieces.  The dreaded black bear has been photographed consuming feed from the Double “D” gravity deer feeders, but unlike other feeders in the woods, he did not tear the Double “D” gravity deer feeder, to pieces.  The Guru decided to go a step farther with this research and find a place that had the dreaded black bears roaming freely.  An Extended Big Buck Double “D” gravity deer feeder was placed in the woods, in central Florida in the summer of 2013, where a large black bear was known to live.  The dreaded LARGE black bear did visit the Double “D” gravity deer feeder and consumed feed from it.  The first set of photographs shows that the dreaded black bear visited the Extended Big Buck Double “D” gravity deer feeder on several occasions and believe it or not he did not rip it to pieces.  In the same woods several other brands of feeders had been ripped apart by the same large black bear.  The Double “D” gravity deer feeder will feed deer and so far no dreaded black bear has ripped one to pieces.  The Guru uses bolts in some parts of the Double “D”, in place of screws to strengthen the feeder, when the feeder is placed in areas where the black bear is known to live.  

Another happy owner of the Double "D" gravity deer feeder sent the Wise Old Redneck Guru even more evidence that the dreaded black bear and dominate whitetail bucks will consume feed from the Double "D" gravity deer feeders.  This south Fla. owner of the Double "D" has now joined many others and went from one Double "D" gravity deer feeder to six feeders.  Oh, Ya the dreaded black bear did not tear the feeder to pieces!


    So far the dreaded black bears keep visiting the Double “D” gravity deer feeders and DO NOT rip them apart.  These pictures were sent by Mr. Smith of North Carolina and advised the Guru he would be getting more feeders next spring when the Guru visits the Dixie Deer Classic for the third year.


Great feeder,
Not only do the deer love the Double D feeder, but the bear on my property have not destroyed them as they have done to every other feeder I have owned. Durable and user friendly great feeder looking forward to buying more for property in Alabama.

Arthur Lawson
Gretna, La

Note. Mr. Lawson now ownes five Big Bick Double "D" gravity deer feeders.  He started with two.

While attending the La. Sportsman show in Gonzales La. The Wise Old Redneck Guru was furnished another photograph of the dreaded black bear visiting a Big Buck Double “D” gravity deer feeder.  This large black bear was photographed in southern La.  The feeder is still all intact, just another example of the black bear using the feeder and not ripping it to pieces.


dreaded black bear at the double d gravity deer feeder

In August 2011, Kenneth (Ken) Cain contacted Wilderness Calls and inquired about obtaining a Double "D" gravity deer feeder.  In the conversation I learned that Ken was going to be placing the Double "D" in woods where the dreaded Bear called home.  I advised Ken that we had eliminated wild hogs and coons from eating out of the Double "D" but had not tested it against the dreaded Bear.  After I advised Ken that I would re enforce the Double "D", he agreed to purchases a Big Buck, Double "D" gravity deer feeder and put it to the test.

     The Big Buck Double "D" gravity deer feeder was placed in the Miami Tract Hunt Club in Volusia County, Florida, on Labor Day weekend.  Ken then placed a trail camera on the feeder and the research began.  Ken then contacted me and advised me that the bear did visit the Big Buck gravity deer feeder, but did not tear it to pieces.  Ken has forwarded the pictures below of the dreaded BEAR and oh yeah two bucks at the feeder.  The bear did eat out of the feeder, but has not torn it to pieces.

See more testimonals of deer using the Double "D" gravity deer feeders by clicking here!

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