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Wilderness Calls offers a wide variety of calls to assist you in your hunting endeavors 

All of the game calls offered by Wilderness Calls have been tested by the guides at Wilderness Calls as well as the Wise Old Redneck Guru himself.  The moto is "If it don't work, we don't sell it".  Each call is produced in the USA.  Each call will have a string so the call can be placed around your neck for easy access.

To order one or more of these awsome calls give the Guru a call at (407)620-8855 and get your order in.  If you like you can email us at contact us.

The Rut Buster Deer Call is hand crafted utilizing the finest combination of maple and walnut wood available and fine tuned to provide huners the best bleats, bawls and buck grunts available on the market.  The Rut Buster Deer Call has three adjustments , to adjust the rut buster simply twist the barrel and pull, exposing the reed system. adjust the "O" ring as follows to create the three different tones: bottom (near the base) is the buck grunt, middle is the doe bawl, and the top (near the end of the reed) is the fawn bleat.

The price for one is $18.00 plus shipping.

The wood duck call has been a great addition to the line of calls offered by Wilderness Calls.  The wooden design makes it a good looking call as well as sounding just like a wood duck coming into land in the pond.

The price for one is $25.00, plus shipping.

The Crow call is constructed with a wooden barrel for the ultimate crow sound.  

The price for one is $15.00, plus shipping.

The cherry wood duck call is hand made with the finest cheery wood available.  It also sports the wilderness calls logo and has a single reed for maximum sound.

The price for one is $45.00, plus shipping.

The slender rabbit in distress call, can be used in conjunction with any coyote call.  It is easy to carry and provides that sound ever coyote likes to gear. It is wook carved and hand made with the famous Wilderness Calls logo engraved on it.

The price for one is $15.00, plus shipping.

A few happy hunters 


On a Saturday in late October my dad and I were out hunting from our stand and my dad noticed two deer in below our stand and I said dad those two deer are bucks, as we watched them they began to lock fight so I decided to grunt at the deer with the Rut Buster call i got from you in Harrisburg, the two bucks stopped fighting and looked up towards our stand, they began to fight again so I grunted again and the two bucks stopped fighting and started walking right up to us, my dad was able to shoot one of the bucks at 25 yards. Thank you for the call and shirt.

William Murry of Clarion, PA

The following comment was posted to our site for product review: Wilderness Calls, Deer Grunt Call

Name: Ron

Rating: 5 stars


The Rut Buster

Best grunt call i have used by far.  I threw away my primos grunter.  Using this grunt call I was able to pull a great 10 pointer away from two does close enough for me to make the shot and take home the trophy. I am looking forward to trying out the other calls Wilderness Calls has to offer!

If you have any questions about our web site, products, hunting packages in Stewart Co. Ga., or the Double "D" gravity deer feeders, please contact us by email or call the Guru at (407)620-8855, between the hours of 9AM and 10PM eastern standard time.

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