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Wise Old Redneck Guru 

Guru's Words

       I would like to take this time to share with you some much needed insight on the Wise Old Redneck Guru.  A lot of web sites and individuals may make claims to being a guru of redneckism.  At Wilderness Calls we are fortunate enough to have the true Wise Old Redneck Guru.  Having said this; let me tell you the history of the Wise Old Redneck Guru and you will understand how we can make this claim.

     The Redneck Guru was raised in a wooden home, without indoor plumbing and studied with a genuine original redneck.  From an early age he was taught the lessons that would stay with him and assist him throughout his life.  Grandpa Redneck took this small child into his bosom and taught him the vast wisdom of redneckism.  Grandpa Redneck and the young guru would spend many hours meditating on the banks of the Suwannee River in north Florida, where the two would clear their minds and many a time catch enough fish for supper.

     As the small child grew he was sent to a place of higher education, public school.  When he was not in school he would set and absorb the vast knowledge of the wiser Grandpa redneck.  The two spent many evenings setting on the wooden porch, where he was taught the lessons of life with Grandpa Redneck.  The combination of higher learning and meditating with Grandpa Redneck along with a lifetime of experience has assisted the Wise Old Redneck Guru, in laying claim to such a distinguished title.  It has made him wiser and with this combination the Wise Old Redneck Guru is able to distinguish the difference between Redneck want to bees and true rednecks.  You could say the Wise Old Redneck Guru was a Redneck when it wasn't cool.  Grandpa Redneck has passed on to the banks of that peaceful river in the sky, but his wisdom will live on through the Wise Old Redneck Guru.  When the Wise Old Redneck Guru has a difficult question he will meditate and at times he can hear the words of Grandpa Redneck ringing in his ears.

     There are a lot of misconceptions about redneckism, so we are fortunate to have such a wise individual on staff at Wilderness Calls.  The Wise Old Redneck Guru has agreed to lend his advice and wisdom to the world.  This is your opportunity to ask him questions, do not let it pass you by.  His response may not be what you expect, but one thing is for sure, it will be real, genuine and from his heart.  Do not be shy, the Wise Old Redneck Guru will field questions on life, romance, politics and any problem you may have dealing with your day to day situations. 

***Commentary by the Redneck Guru does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Wilderness Calls Staff***

The Redneck Guru is always pondering wise thoughts
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Work or play the Wise Old Guru is always deep in thought!

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Redneck Guru's Quote of the Week

He who starts a camp fire with gasoline will become bald.